About Steve Maguire

Hi, my name is Steve Maguire and I have a passion for reading and writing. I have been a reader all my life and can’t imagine not reading regularly. My working career has always center around software develop, and I worked for Microsoft for a long. You recognize Microsoft Excel as one of the programs I spent years working on (in fact, I was on the original development team, version 1.0, back in mid ’80’s.

My experience in working on very advanced software directly led me to write two books on subject, Writing Solid Code which was about how to write software that flat out works, and Debugging the Development Process which was to how lead large-scale software teams. At that time, Microsoft was known well for doing both. Today, not so much… Both books went on to become internally best selling books, translated into more than 16 languages and won many prestigious awards in the software development world.

My love of reading and writing are exactly why the idea of Little Free Libraries all over the planet so resonated with me. It’s also why I like coding software. In both cases, whether you’re writing a book or writing software, you’re creating something out of thin air that people hopefully will really enjoy.

I have other passions that I write about as well:

• I love Square-Foot Gardening, which is a really cool way to create a garden in your yard that takes 1/20th of the space to get the same amount of produce. Check out the book written by brainchild Mel Bartholomew. The people behind the Square-Foot Gardening Organization are as passionate about their work as those from the Little Free Library Organization.

• Worm farming. Yes you can be a worm farmer and raise worms for composting! It’s great fun for children, especially, because they are very low-maintenance “pets” they get to care for. This is how I create compost for my Square-Foot Gardens.

• Teaching Personal Development philosophies to people who’ve never been exposed to them. This statement probably either makes total sense to you, or you are completely baffled by what I’m talking about! That’s why I teach it all the time.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with the Little Free Library movement!

– Steve


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