Registering Your Little Free Library

After you’ve installed your Little Free Library, you should register it with the Little Free Library Organization if you want to put your Little Free Library on the global map so people can find it.

The cost is nominal and well worth it because you literally get your library posted on their worldwide map. People can type in their location and find the nearest Little Free Library.

By registering your Little Free Library, you also get a bunch of bonuses.

First, you get a stack of beautiful bookmarks to put in your Library:


Second, you get some marketing materials to promote your Little Free Library so that your neighbors know you have one:


Third, you get a bumper sticker for your car:


Fourth, you get a numbered nameplate for your library.


If you’re excited about having your own Little Free Library, check out the pictures online and consider building your own unique version. Be creative, and be sure to register your Little Free Library with the Little Free Library Organization.

– Steve


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